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Now that we discussed the bitcoin tumbler and bitcoin mixer in detail, you must be wondering what is the core use of the bitcoin tumbler and more importantly, when do you need to use it? These are very important queries that we were also being asked by our reader’s side, so we thought of talking about this matter in detail today.

Now we all know that due to the restrictions and security threats to the digital currency, it is important that you use bitcoin mixers in the right way and at the right time. In this post today, we are going to look at the different cases in which you can use bitcoin mixers or bitcoin tumblers.

People usually get confused between the two terms bitcoin tumbler and the bitcoin mixer, and so we thought of clearing this misconception once and for all. The bitcoin mixers and the bitcoin tumblers are both the same terms used for the same thing. They both are the same service that is used to keep your identity private and especially anonymous while using cryptocurrencies on the Blockchain network.

As you must be aware and we have discussed this point already in detail in our previous articles that some crypto-currencies such as Ethereum and bitcoin are not completely anonymous and have direct registrations with the Blockchain network. Bitcoin mixers are used for the purpose of keeping you safe and your investment secure enough from being traced or hacked as the worst-case scenario.

Here we have gathered some of the top cases where you have to use the bitcoin tumbler for the sake of privacy and security:

While Making Purchases from Merchants!

The first case that we are going to discuss today regarding the use of bitcoin mixer is the purchase from merchants. If you are new to the bitcoin business, then you must understand this scenario that it is very simple and easy for a person to track the bitcoin wallet of a person who has made a purchase from a merchant from the same bitcoin wallet.

Now purchases from merchants are usually made from online web services. What happens is that almost each and every service provider available on the web asks for your account verification and some personal details. now if you give away this kind of information to the website, it immediately transfers your purchase or your transaction to the Blockchain network along with making your personal information and your financial position vulnerable.

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A person who makes a purchase from merchants online can easily get theft and hacked and the least that will happen is that the higher authorities will know about his volume left in the wallet and will try to pose a restriction on their use. So to save yourself from this entire dilemma we recommend that you use bitcoin mixers or bitcoin tumbler. So now you must understand the scenario which you can get into if you don’t manage your accounts properly!

Holding Purpose!

Yes! We know that holding is a very confusing term when it comes to the cases we are discussing but let us explain all of it in detail. Holding is actually the act of sticking to your bitcoin in your bitcoin wallet for a very long time. Now understand that holding onto bitcoin is not a good idea at all. The main reason that you can’t hold onto bitcoin for a long time is that the bitcoin is said to be the cryptocurrency that causes deflation in the digital market!
Due to the supply of bitcoin currency is limited, it is not a surprise that its value increases with every turning day, you can say it is the built-in mechanism of bitcoin it will always appreciate with time, and that is for sure when a person invests a huge amount in bitcoin and gets a large number of coins for his wallet for the purpose of appreciation than it means that he has some long term plans with this investment.

Now we told earlier in our articles that if you stick to a wallet for a long time, it can make your wallet and your investment vulnerable so you have to keep shifting your wallet or you have to use the bitcoin tumbler for this purpose of saving your identity and details. You see, it is just like an investment that you do with your conventional money.
Since this is a big investment, there is also a chance that hackers and key loggers would be looking into your investment. So if you don’t want someone to steal your coins, then you must use the bitcoin mixers. The holder always has the option to go through a bitcoin tumbler and use it to mix coins for security purposes.

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A Transaction with High Volume Wallets!

Now let us explain the concept of the bitcoin wallet. While talking about our conventional money, we all know that we don’t keep it all in our pouch or wallets. The reason is that we don’t want to expose all of our money in one place because of security reasons and to make sure our money is safe in other places like banks and safes.
Now the cash in our wallet is the one we need to care of, and we can easily do so by limiting it to our needs. On the other hand, while we are talking about the crypto wallets, then it is a fact that all of our cryptocurrency is there in the bitcoin wallet, and sometimes when we invest a lot, and the number of coins gets bigger they get exposed. As a single owner, it is sometimes impossible to manage the coins in a wallet, especially a large number. It is advised that you go through bitcoin tumbler and use the bitcoin mixer to save your identity from any transactions.
If the wallet address is concealed your information and your coins are safe, and you can only do so with bitcoin cleaners and tumbler.

Securing The Hot Wallets!

Wallets, especially mobile bitcoin wallets, are more exposed to the internet as they need an internet connection to run and so they are the most exposed wallets in the crypto world. The internet is a place that links all kinds of people from around the world which makes your wallet vulnerable to hackers. Transactions to and from should be avoided with mobile wallets, and you must use bitcoin mixers for this purpose. So if you have a mobile wallet, then you must make sure that you give extra security to the wallet.

In Exchange Transactions!

Now people who are new to the crypto business must know that the exchanges are the most vulnerable and the weakest means of keeping your coins. The reason is that you always need to verify your transactions and your account while dealing with them. This, as a result, makes the identity of the user known to the entire Blockchain network. To avoid this hassle of privacy breach you need to use a bitcoin mixer, you can easily use bitcoin tumbler to secure your coins in this case too. So don’t think about it and start securing your accounts.

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