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Since 2013, Bitcoin Blender has been running and has proven itself as the number one reason for the trusted Bitcoin ranking, because Bitcoin Blender is still the most popular and best Bitcoin mixer in 2020. Lawyers and law enforcement agencies constantly mention in the news complaining about the inability to track criminals who use the service. It is worth noting that not all users who use Bitcoin Blender are criminals, and many people just value their privacy. In any country, there are no laws restricting or preventing the use of Bitcoin mixers. Bitcoin Blender allows you to quickly mix Bitcoin with the fast blending function for a single transaction, or, if you have a large number of Bitcoin wallets that need to be combined anonymously, you can create an account. If you create a free account, you can send unmixed tainted coins to 5 different wallet addresses at once-they will show up as a single balance in your account for easy withdrawal. Then, you can delete the wallet address, log, or the entire account at any time. For users who use the Quick Mix function, you will only be provided with a temporary Bitcoin wallet address for sending funds to this address. However, you can still specify the distribution of clean bitcoins to many different addresses under your control for additional privacy.

Like other Bitcoin mixers, Bitcoin Blender charges a ransom fee of 1-3% to pay for transactions and running services. In addition, if your friend’s mixed coins reach the minimum amount, the referral system can make you earn 0.5% Friends mix coins for a week.


What is Bitcoin Dark?


Initially, Bitcoin Dark was designed to use Bitcoin’s SHA-256 and “hybrid” hashing algorithm, combining the best combination of Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Stake (PoS). However, the project was abandoned at the beginning of 2018, after which a total of 22 million Bitcoin Dark coins were produced.

The BTCD team finally started to develop Komodo (KMD), a cryptocurrency with a consensus mechanism called delayed proof of work (dPoW) and Zcash’s zero-knowledge proof to provide anonymous transactions.

The abandonment of the project means that BTCD owners can exchange their tokens for KMD tokens within a certain period of time. This period has now passed, Bitcoin Dark is gone, and there is no operational blockchain or wallet available to hold them.


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What is Bitcoin Blender?


Bitcoin Blender (or officially known as Bitcoin Blender) is a BTC blending service that has been operating since the end of 2013. The service is likely to be the longest-running Bitcoin mixer and has been used to roll over and clean up more than 100,000 BTC. Users can register for an instant account for free and receive up to 5 wallet deposit addresses in their own account, or they can use a quick mixer (the mixer provides a one-time mix of addresses). The way the Bitcoin mixing service works is to assign users a unique address, they send Bitcoin to the wallet they want to clean up, Bitcoin Blender charges a small fee of 1-3%, and then sends the uncontaminated Bitcoin back to an address you specify. The service is fully automatic and instant, except that you have to wait for 1 or 2 blockchain confirmations before sending new bitcoins back to you. Over the years, the service has been used legally and illegally.


5 Bitcoin Blender Services


  1. Blender.io


Blender.io is one of the most portable, easy-to-use, and customizable Bitcoin Blender platforms in the industry. The user interface is very simple and clean, and anyone who has never used such a service can easily browse and scroll through Bitcoin. Its “delay” function allows you to set a delay of 1-24 hours to increase anonymity by leaving an interval between the deposited coins and the outgoing coins. As for fees, it is dynamic, which means you can choose the number of fees you want to pay, with a minimum fee of 0.5%, a maximum fee of 2.5%, and an additional 0.0005% for each address.

It is also one of the few platforms that provide you with a mixed code to ensure that when you make multiple deposits to the roller cup, the previous coins will not be mixed with the new deposit. The minimum amount you can mix is ​​0.001 BTC, and there is no specific maximum amount because their Bitcoin reserves seem to be large.

It also has a “no log” strategy, and once the transaction is completed, all data will be deleted immediately; as for the number of confirmations required, Blender.io will mix your deposit into 3 Each combination supports 8 addresses, so you can further increase anonymity. In short, it allows you to choose, fast, anonymous, and totally worth a try.


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  1. SmartMixer.io


Smart Mixer is one of the richest currency exchange rate mixers in the industry. It not only allows us to mix Bitcoin but also Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum (coming soon). It also advertises the most colorful and easy-to-use interface I have ever seen. Provide users with 100% control over all aspects of mixing. In this case, the user can control the exact amount of the fee (to the fourth decimal place!), the exact time delay (by minutes instead of hours), and the percentage distribution.

It is transparent and even has a “fee calculator” which shows the exact amount of funds the user will receive on each other address, as well as the total service and address fees. Up to 8 total output addresses are allowed.


  1. Bitcoin Mixer


As the name suggests, Bitcoin Mixer is another type of mixer that allows us to mix Bitcoin. This is a service that only provides onions, and the lack of a clearnet version will increase anonymity. Provides users with considerable control over percentage distribution and time delay. You can manually specify the percentage distribution, and you can only “select” the time delay from the options provided. The minimum possible delay is 1 hour and the maximum is 24 hours. There are many options between them. Although it is also possible to make “instant” payments immediately.


  1. Dark Web Bitcoin Mixer


Dark Web Bitcoin Mixer is a very basic mixer. It only allows one output address to be specified. The user interface is also very simple, without any sliders or calculators. Users only need to enter their output address to receive funds. The minimum mixing amount is 0.001BTC, and the maximum is 100BTC. Amounts exceeding these limits will not be mixed. Its working infrastructure seems to be different from other mixers. Although most other mixers have “reserves”, the platform seems to use miners.

Unclean coins are sent to “miners”, and clean coins are also claimed to be sent from “miners”. However, it does not keep any logs, and all information will be deleted after the transaction is completed.


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  1. CryptoMixer.io


Cryptomixer calls itself a “high-capacity Bitcoin mixer”, and although most of its other features are not redundant and comparable to other mixers, not many competitors can beat it. Starting from the user interface, it is in many ways as clean and easy to use as Blender.io; although it uses “text links” instead of Blender.io’s drop-down menus, the latter may not be as good as the latter.


In addition, it seems to use a lot of “sliders” to adjust fees and other cool-looking settings, but I still want to use a simple drop-down menu, although this is completely personal. It is also a privacy-respecting bitcoin mixer, which does not require any login or registration to mix coins. All you need is the Bitcoin address where you wish to receive coins.


Other addresses beat almost all other Bitcoin mixers in this list. It allows up to 10 other addresses for each mix, which is the most supported address for Bitcoin mixing services I have seen. It does provide a time delay and is set using a slider, although it is not as user-friendly as Blender.io, it does get the job done.


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How Do You Choose Bitcoin Blender?


There are hundreds of Bitcoin Laundromats in the industry, so how do we make our pick and mark better than another, and why should you trust our list? Well, we consider the following factors to judge these Bitcoin mixers:


  • Anonymity level: the degree of anonymity of the platform and respect for privacy.
  • Reputation: The reputation and trust the company has established.
  • Cost: The cost (if any) required for mixing and user control, or lack of cost.
  • A number of additional addresses: These are the number of addresses you can set to receive bitcoins. Your coins will not be sent to one address but will be split and sent to each designated address separately to further enhance your anonymity.
  • Advanced functions: support advanced functions, such as delayed output, mixed code, etc. The delayed output is a function that prevents you from receiving bitcoin immediately, but after a settable time interval, this is again the input and output of coins that take your link offline.
  • Minimum/maximum amount: Any mixer that requires a high minimum deposit to mix coins may not be a good choice, and we will consider them when choosing these currencies.
  • Confirmation required: The number of confirmations required by the platform before mixing coins. The lower the value, the faster the whole process will be.
  • No log policy: If the Bitcoin Mixer keeps the log, and for how long.


I believe that it covers almost all the possible features of the Bitcoin mixer, or do we need to pay attention to it, right?


Please note that no platform is absolutely the best, which means that the Bitcoin mixer at number one on this list will definitely be better than other platforms, but the Bitcoin mixer at the latter position may also have the number one. The Bitcoin mixer lacks edges, so make sure you iterate through each one before you choose one of them.


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